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Licences Summary

TitleURIBA Class
AGL Licence Limited
Anglo American - Restricted Restricted
BA derived - limited Limited
BA derived - restricted Restricted
BA restricted - biodiversity conservation reasons Restricted
BA restricted - CSG Exclusion zones Restricted
BA Source - Restricted Restricted
Birds Australia Licence Other Open Access
Bloomfield - Restricted Restricted
BoM - Climate data Limited
Catchment Scale Land Use of Australia - 2014 Licence Creative Commons
Centennial Coal - Limited Limited
Conversion of the Atlas of Australian Soils to the Australian Soil Classification Licence Creative Commons
Creative Commons 3.0, No Derivatives Other Open Access
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia Creative Commons
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Creative Commons
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Creative Commons
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Creative Commons
CSIRO - MDB Sustainable Yields Limited
CSIRO Data Licence Restricted
Department of the Environment - DIWA including Wetlands type Limited
Department of the Environment - NVIS Limited
DEWLP Entitlements - Restricted Restricted
DOE - RNE Licence Restricted
DOE - Species Database Restricted{FAB7F7CD-5DFA-4D00-9F26-9995E73DD917} Restricted
DOE CAPAD 2010{49654CB4-105E-48C9-89C6-78BD2841DE03} Restricted
DSITIA - Restricted Restricted
DTI_restricted Restricted
East Coast Geophysics - Restricted Restricted
Forestry Corporation of New South Wales - Restricted Restricted
FROGTECH open access Other Open Access
Geological Survey of Qld - Limited Limited
Glencore - Limited Limited
GlencoreXtrata - Limited Limited
Great Artesian Basin and Laura Basin groundwater recharge areas (GABWRA) Licence Creative Commons
Idemitsu - Limited Limited
JPL Open Licence Other Open Access
Lake Coal - Limited Limited
Limited - General Limited
Malabar coal (Spurhill Management) Limited
Murray Darling Basin - Restricted Restricted
National Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Limited
NSW Department of Environment Climate Change and Water - Restricted Restricted
NSW Department of Industry, Resources and Energy Division - Mining Footprints Restricted
NSW Department of Mineral Resources - Open Access Other Open Access
NSW DPI IQQM Licence Restricted
NSW DTI - Limited Limited
NSW Office of Water - Limited Limited
NSW Office of Water Entitlements - Restricted Restricted
NT Wetlands Mapping - Restricted Restricted
OGIA Open access Other Open Access
Other Open Access - General Other Open Access
Peabody 2 (Metropolitan mine) Limited
Peabody Llimited Limited
Pending Restricted
QLD DSITIA Open access Other Open Access
QLD Environment & Heritage Protection - Restricted Restricted
Queensland Herbarium - Restricted Restricted
Register of Australian Mining Restricted
Restricted - General Restricted
Restricted licence - NSW Department of Mineral Resources Restricted
SA DEWNR - Limited Restricted
SA DMITRE Mineral data Other Open Access
Southern Rural Water - Restricted Restricted
Tomago sand beds Licence Other Open Access
VIC DEPI - Limited Limited
Wyong Areas Coal - Restricted Restricted
Yancoal Pty Ltd Gloucester Licence Limited

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