Licences Management Tool


Licence Data Model

Here is the Licence data model that this Web Service's Licences stored adhere to. It is based primarily on the Creative Commons Licence data model and the ODRS licence/rights modeland the with additional properties other purposes such as allowing for licences derived from other licences based on PROV-Odefinition: The PROV Ontology.

The Licence model is fully explained in an up-coming paper to be published at the MODSIM 2015 conference. The un-refereed manuscript of the paper is attached:

Licence Classes

Licences are categorised according to a series of classes for particular projects. The Bioregional Assessments project uses the following 4 classes:

  1. Creative Commons
  2. Other Open Access
  3. Limited
  4. Restricted

These particular classes are defined in the Bioregional Assessments Ontology.

Linked Data

All of the properties of licences stored within this web service can be accessed via Linked Data URIs. Table 1 below gives examples of URIs and the Query String Arguments used to navigate through different views and their properties in a number of formats.

defaultdefaultdefaultAll the properties of the default view in the default format - the "cc" view in HTML formathttp://{BASE_URI}/id/licence/{LICENCE_ID}
Creative Commons
allHTMLAll the properties of the "cc" view in HTML format - same as defaulthttp://{BASE_URI}/id/licence/{LICENCE_ID}?_view=cc&_format=text/html
ccallJSON-LDAll the properties of the "cc" view in the RDF serialization of JSON-LDhttp://{BASE_URI}/id/licence/{LICENCE_ID}?_view=cc&_format=application/ld+json
ccmorePermissionstextThe "morePermissions" property of the "cc" view in its only available format - texthttp://{BASE_URI}/id/licence/{LICENCE_ID}?_view=cc&_property=morePermissions