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This tool is a Web Service that lists data and software licences. It stores and manages licence identity and provenance so that both licences sources from 3rd parties and derivative licences can be registered and identified.

Licence use and citation

To associate datasets or software with licences registered here, you just need to quote the Licence URI for a particular licence. The URI for each licence is listed on the Licence Register page of this site.

Licence Registration

Choose to either Add an existing licence or Create a derivative licence

Further Documentation

See the Documentation Page for further descriptions about this service and the licence information it stores

Contact Us

For technical issues relating to the use of this system, please contact:

Nicholas Car
p: 07 3833 5600
e: --

For legal and other licence contact issues, the Licence Web Service team will not be able to help! You will need to contact the licence issuers or your legal department.